About Us

I’m Areica, and I run PikNChus.com single-handedly. I have been a Pokemon enthusiast since it was first introduced in the United States, but officially started collecting Pokemon merchandise in 2011. My family would take frequent trips to New York City, where I bought a large portion of my collection at Nintendo World. I also began buying and selling online via Ebay and PKMNCollectors @ LiveJournal, offering a pickup service to other collectors with merchandise straight from NYC.

After a few years of selling exclusively on LiveJournal, I realized that there were very few options for purchasing Pokemon merchandise online outside of Japan. Most listings on Ebay and Amazon are bootlegs or factory rejects whose sales did not directly support the Pokemon Company. I decided to start my own webstore, where customers could find merchandise from both the United States and Japan in one convenient location and competitive pricing. I get all of my merchandise directly from stores, or second-hand from other websites; but I can guarantee that everything sold is legitimate. As a collector, I wanted to make sure this website reflects how I think collecting should be online: fun, simple, and without the worry of buying something that might be fake.

Thank you for reading; I hope you enjoy this site!